Determine your organization's Analytics Maturity!

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A companys online presence today often has to cater to many different use cases owned by different departments internally. To the end-client however this is all merged, from a data perspective it's important to tie together all aspects of a customer journey. Which areas does your online presence cover today?

Area: Business Areas

What is your organisation's skill level when it comes to data gathering?

Area: Measurement - People

How advanced are your processes around data gathering?

Area: Measurement - Process

What is the current level of technology used for data collection?

Area: Measurement - Technology

What's your organisation's skill level when it comes to analysing data?

Area: Analysis - People

How thorough are your processes when it comes to analysis of your data?

Area: Analysis - Process

What is the level of technology used to support analysis?

Area: Analysis - Technology

How skilled are people in your organisation when it comes to data driven decision-making?

Area: Decisions - People

Which processes are in place to aid data driven decision making?

Area: Decisions - Process

How does technology aid decision making?

Area: Decisions - Technology

How do you maintain and manage processes, technology and knowledge sharing in regards to analytics & insights over time?

Area: Governance

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